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Welcome! This website is a community-organized information portal abou the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our aim is to provide free, high-quality and extensive documentation that help you to make the GDPR work for your business or organization.


All the materials on this website (including their source code) are available as open-source on Github, which makes it easy to use them for your purposes. You can easily download all material there or help to improve them.

Freely usable

All original material on this website is licensed under a liberal "Creative-Commons" license for commercial and non-commercial use. You can therefore freely use, mix and adapt the materials according to your needs, as long as you honor the license terms.

Relevant & informative

We try our best to provide deep, relevant information about the GDPR that will help you to put it into use at your company. We will never post or write shallow marketing or PR articles on this website, promised.

Online Content

The law text

An annotated and enriched version of the law text helps you to quickly get an overview of the GDPR and find all relevant information with just a few clicks.


Wiki pages about individual articles of the GDPR help you to quickly find and share relevant information such as links, tutorials or solutions.

Short Summaries

Short summaries of the most important articles help you to quickly get a graps of their content and decide if they are relevant to you.

This portal is still under construction, some pages content be incomplete or contain errors. You can help to improve this project: More information is available on Github.